Race rules

Although we don't like to be so "rules" driven, we appreciate the need to maintain a sense of fairness.
We desire all participants to be able to compete, especially considering how much travel time many of you have put into coming to our event.
That being said, the Ohio Cup Race Committee reserves the right to inspect any car entered in the event regardless of finish.
Rules - Any currently legal Fray or ECHORR SS car.
In addition to the Fray/ECHORR rules, the Ohio Cup allows Dash chassis, Dash 16 ohm armatures, brushes, shoes, gears, magnets, axles, and gear plate.
Both Aurora and Dash armatures may have shims between the armature and top plate.
No minimum tire height but a minimum of .300 crown gear diameter.
Cars will be impounded after pre-race tech inspection.
Once your car is impounded, the gear plate clamp can not be removed or the car will be disqualified. 
Drivers will enter 1 car. In the event of a catastrophic failure, you will be allowed to use a backup car. 
Once the backup car is used, you cannot switch back to the initial car entered and both cars must meet post race tech inspection. 


Race Format

Friday is open practice from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. 

Saturday, doors will open at 8:00 am and the tracks will be open for practice for about 60 minutes. 

A drivers meeting will be held at 9:00 am as all cars will be impounded at that time. 

Random draw will seed the qualifying heats with groups of 8-10 racers assigned to a table. All racers will run a predetermined number of laps per lane, on each track, and the laps and time from each track will be added together to seed the Mains. 

All racers will then be be re-grouped in 8-10 racer groupings, and will race a predetermined number of laps per lane, of each track, with laps and time combined for a final finishing order. The event will be divided in to two groups in the mains with those qualifying in the top half being able to win the 2019 Ohio Cup. Those in the bottom half will compete for a prize as well.   

Racers can win from any main in the top half of qualifying.

Lower seeded mains may have 1-2 sit-outs while higher seeded mains will be run with no sit-outs.

All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure all laps are properly counted

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